Singapore top source of global capital in 1H2023: Colliers

A compilation report prepared by Colliers, Singapore has evolved and become the most significant source of capital outflow for real estate investments in 1H2K23. In a September data captured by the consultancy on global capital market flows, Singapore was emerged as the top source of global capital, with cross-border investments worth US$21.8 billion ($29.9 billion) registered in 1H2K23.
The city-state represents around a quarter of the total capital deployed globally during the year’s first half. The US, which emerged in second, had US$15.85 billion in cross-border investments in 1H2K23, or eighteen of the total. Canada emerged in third place, with US$7.24 billion or eighteen of the total.
“Singapore is a magnificent global property investor and constantly to fuel up on investments post-pandemic with its hunter instinct seeking growth and diversification opportunities in more markets and new asset classes to pursue greater yield leveraging different capital sources and its stronger currency,” says Tang Wei Leng, Colliers Singapore’s managing director and head of capital markets and investment services.
Hong Kong and Japan, Among Asia Pacific (Apac) countries, also hit the leadership board on the list of cross-border capital sources. Ranked number four with investments totalling US$6.51 billion in 1H2K23, while the latter ranked fifth with US$5.15 billion.
Chris Pilgrim, managing director for global capital markets, Asia Pacific at Colliers, notes that the US and the UK are among the countries that have evoked capital from Apac. “Apac real estate investors are equity rich, and those who are volatile and flexible have been able to diversify their strategies, targeting growth sectors and geographies within real estate asset classes such as healthcare, senior living and student housing,” he adds.
Apac countries also ranked highly among global investment destinations, with Japan, China and Australia ranking within the top ten, along with Singapore.

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